26 going on…?

Like most 26 year olds I know, I seem to have my life "figured out". I'm married, I've got a great corporate job, I went to post-secondary--twice, and I own a cat--but that's really about it. These aren't necessarily qualifications for a "figured out life". I don't own a house, I've been driving the same car since I was 16, I don't have any kids, and quite frankly, I still don't know what to do with my life. I will own a house one day, I will drive a new car soon, and I will have kids. There's no need to rush to satisfy the societal standard. Everyone's at a different phase in their adult life, but we'll all get there eventually.


Are we too “connected?”

It's without a doubt that social media has taken over our daily lives. It's with us where ever we go, and whenever there is something mildly interesting happening in a given moment. Oh wait, let me just get my phone out and take a Snap of this. Social media is great for promoting business, and yourself, …