Are we too “connected?”

It’s without a doubt that social media has taken over our daily lives. It’s with us where ever we go, and whenever there is something mildly interesting happening in a given moment. Oh wait, let me just get my phone out and take a Snap of this.

Social media is great for promoting business, and yourself, but to what extend do we draw the line? It’s hard to stay objective in the face of constant online opinions and thoughts about any given thing.

We’ve entered this digital age of “lets share everything” and it’s almost ruining our lives. You meet up with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and all of a sudden they bring up something you posted on your Facebook a few months back. You’re sitting their star struck thinking, “wow you’re creepy”, and  “why did I post that?”. Hello, have you heard of privacy settings?


We’ve become so open and expressive online, but in real-life face-to-face communication we’re not.We like to hide behind computer screens and shout our opinion to refute another–for what? Self-confidence? Likes? Top comment? Who cares.

I think we all need to be a bit more mindful in terms of how we present ourselves on social media and the Internet in general. Everything is so public now and even celebrities are showcasing their private lives to millions of viewers. I for one am not perfect.

giphy (1).gif

Snapchat is more-or-less the most popular application at this time since more and more businesses are using it to advertise their services and/or products. Don’t get me wrong, it serves its purpose, but from my observation, some people take it a bit too far in terms of seeking out attention. Before you post, think, “Is this something I should share with everybody, or just a few people?” and, “What impact will this have on my overall image?”. Everyone who uses social media is essentially promoting themselves or some part of themselves in order to achieve some level of social gratification. Even if you’re just a “liker”, you’re still reacting to stimuli that gives you pleasurable emotions.

Just remember, once you post, it’s public.




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