26 going on…?

Like most 26 year olds I know, I seem to have my life “figured out”. I’m married, I’ve got a great corporate job, I went to post-secondary–twice, and I own a cat–but that’s really about it. These aren’t necessarily qualifications for a “figured out life”. I don’t own a house, I’ve been driving the same car since I was 16, I don’t have any kids, and quite frankly, I still don’t know what to do with my life. I will own a house one day, I will drive a new car soon, and I will have kids. There’s no need to rush to satisfy the societal standard. Everyone’s at a different phase in their adult life, but we’ll all get there eventually.

I’m often labelled as an “old lady” by some of my peers, and to be honest, I don’t take offense. I’m not old, I just know how to adult. I know how to take care of myself, and my significant other while enjoying the company of others. Deep down I want to take care of everyone, and I know that might sound mother-ish, but I care a lot.

I do a lot of things most other mid-twenty somethings wouldn’t be interested in, and no, it’s not because I’m married. I enjoy all sorts of “domesticated” things like cooking, gardening, and sewing, which are all great interests to have as a young woman. I did all of these things even before I got married, heck, even when I was single. I’m not saying every woman should be interested in these things, but I’ve passed the playful phase in my life and onto more serious things that develop my skills not lower my self-esteem based on how many likes I get on a social media.

I refuse to define myself with the entitlement of my generation (aka Millennials). I’ve been “mentally” moved out of my parents since I was 18. I know what it’s like to live pay cheque to pay cheque, and I also know what debt looks like. I know what depression and loneliness feels like and the consequential loss of friends because of the illness. I know what it’s like to compromise, even if the situation is not in your favour. I know what it’s like to prep a 1 bedroom apartment in one night for the first of many bed bug sprays. I know what it’s like to wear the same clothes for months on end and not being able to afford new ones…

Enough with the negative

I know what it’s like to get what you want if you put your heart and soul into it. I know what it’s like to kill an interview and get 3 job offers in one day. I know what it’s like to get married to your best friend and have the most beautiful wedding day–even with 25 people. Even better, I know how to plan a wedding in less than 2 weeks. I know how to be self-sustainable and independent. I know who to surround myself with. I know how to be mindful of my actions and words. I know my strengths and my weaknesses, both mental and physical. I know what it’s like to move away from everyone close to me.. for half a year…

Maybe I’m “old”, but I’m still only 26. Whatever your age, being mature shouldn’t define you as old. You’re different, so, embrace it and love yourself for who you are!

Steph xo



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