If I said I didn’t miss the Netherlands I would be lying. I miss it almost everyday. I miss riding on the NS train for hours just thinking about life as trees and farmland sped past my window. I still remember the sound of the train while it was in motion, and when the sliding doors would open. I felt as if I was in the year 2025 racing to my next destination. I wrote some good posts during those long journeys… and now I wish I was writing this in the same context.

I think back and I’m at disbelief at how quick time went by. Now I long for my return, and I’ve even looked up jobs to fulfill that unrealistic dream.

Post-exchange depression has hit me hard. I miss the friends I made over there, the lifestyle, and culture. Everything was simpler, people were more straightforward, and they were also friendlier. I find it hard to say what’s on my mind with people here. They get offended easily and don’t take criticism very well–but this also describes me because I’m one of those people.

I feel like my future won’t be stagnant, and I’ll always be in a new place meeting new people because I like change. The experience abroad brought out this adventurous side in me that wants more out of everything. I’m always thinking about my next move, trip, or emotional vacation from reality.

On a positive note, six more months until I’m done school–for good (I hope). I just ordered personal business cards for networking and I hope to find an employer who isn’t looking for someone with 3+ years of professional experience. I don’t understand these “entry-level” jobs that enlist qualifications like this. I suppose the Alberta labour market is quite competitive right now and only the most qualified are worth hiring.

I’ll find something.
Ps. Hire me


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